In loving Memory of
Cyan Cobalt

~2003 to 12/28/2006

Cyan Cobalt a.k.a. CC Flea quietly passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 12-28-06 at the Animal ER of SW Florida. She succumbed to the effects of pulmonary edema of unknown cause. She was treated by Dr. Doyens, Technician Erica and the staff of the Animal ER of SW Florida who made a valiant attempt to save her life.

Cyan was a refugee of hurricane Charlie.  She endured the storm with her tail caught in a trap.  We do not know all the details other than we rescued her from the county shelter shortly after the storm.

She had many imperfections from her early life.  She had a loving home with us and knew nothing but love while she was with us.  She went to Rainbow Bridge all too soon,  but she gave us a tremendous about of love back while she was with us.

Cyan Cobalt now waits at Rainbow Bridge for her Mommy and Daddy and her brother and three sisters. They are; Sir Nigel of Snarkey, Afghan Alexandrina, Angelica Hope and Murphy Melrose.

There will be no formal service for Cyan Cobalt. The family asks that you remember her in your own way. Donations may be made to an animal protective society of your choice.

"All God's creatures great and small"