CC Flea

~2003 - 12/28/2006

My name is Cyan Cobalt.  I have not always looked this good.  I came to live with Carrie and Mike on September 16, 2004.  I was a hurricane Charley refugee. My Mommy and Daddy adopted me from the local animal shelter.  I was not a well kitty.  I was about a year old but only weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces.  I had just had my tail amputated and been spayed.

This is an amazing little girl cat.  Now we are not sure what her family history and linage are all about.  We were told she was a blue point Siamese and then the vet said she was a snowshoe.  She was named Cyan Cobalt as in two shades of blue.  That was soon shortened to CC.  After she recovered and got a bit stronger she started jumping all over the place like a little flea.  She has since been called CC Flea.

We don't know all the details and I am not sure I want to.  She was brought into the county animal shelter after hurricane Charley.  Apparently she had ended up being outside and her tail caught in some type of trap.  I don't even like to think what this animal went through for hours, days just unimaginable. 

The good part is that she was taken to where she could be taken care of and Carrie found her on the shelter's Web site.  On September 16, 2004 she came to live with us and the rest of our four legged family.  There were many days at first when we did not think she would live.  All she had been through and then to have her tail cut off and be spayed the day she came home with us.

We thought she was a white cat.  Her beautiful markings were all obscured by her injuries.  From the middle of her back to what was left of her tail, the fur and skin just rubbed off when you touched it.  This would become a major health issue as she was constantly licking her back to the point of it bleeding.  Various medications were needed to treat these symptoms until this area finally healed.

What she went through while in the trap also caused latent injuries and other problems.  She suffered neurological damage to a great deal of her hind quarters.  Her gait is still slightly affected but that is minimal problem now.  Even though she has been an excellent kitty for using the littler box appropriately, when she is asleep she will spontaneously urinate and expel her little flea pellets.  She has been very good about sleeping on the pads and soakers were put on the floor to minimize this problem.  We can always tell where she has been sleeping as there are one or two of her little pellets there.  It is like having a little rabbit around.  Some have been even humorous as we find a pellet one cat length away from the dry food dish.  A little in a little out!

She has developed into a wonderful cat.  Now at over ten pounds... we never thought she would be that big.  From a skinny little cat that didn't want to eat to almost a fat cat now.  We love her and will tolerate her minor imperfections to have this little creature of God live with us.

On the evening of 12/27/2006, CC Flea developed a severe respiratory problem.  She was rushed to the Animal ER in North Fort Myers.  Unfortunately, despite the valiant efforts of the staff at the ER, she died early 12/28/2006.  She now waits at Rainbow Bridge for Carrie and Mike to join her.

Here is her story in pictures:

September 16, 2004
3 pounds 9 ounces

May 1, 2005
10 pounds 2 ounces

Update... she is now over 11 pounds!!! 05/31/05

Having a drink the day she came home with us. - 9/16/04

Not sure where she was that first day. - 9/16/04

A beautiful little girl that first day. - 9/16/04

Starting to feel at home. - 09/17/04

She found a safe place to nest in her Daddy's shredder basket. - 9/19/04

Look how small compared to her two brothers.  9/30/04

She can be a little devil when she wants to be! - 10/1/04


Taking a nap in the breakfast nook. - 10/1/04

With her sister Angelica. - 11/5/04

An absolute beauty! - 11/5/04

Making a nest in packing material. - 11/14/04

Getting bigger and better. - 12/5/04

Loves to play on the stairs. - 12/26/04

This WAS our little girl! - 5/1/05

Beautiful markings. - 5/1/05

A big stretch in her Daddy's office. 5/1/05

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